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So you want to know what all the hype about keywords and keywords tools is all about? This article will attempt to provide a high level overview of what keywords are and why keyword tools can be very useful for different types of activities.

Keywords are just that, keywords.These words could be used to identify an object, a product, a person, a service or many other things. Coffee and Tea are keywords. A keyphrase is one pair or more keywords together, Coffee + House and Starbucks + Coffee + House are keyphrases. When you need to communicate with another person and you want to speak about something specific, you throw in a keyword or key phrase so that they understand what your talking about. Keywords are the fuel that keeps Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN Live, running. When you talk to a search engine, by performing a search not speaking into your computer, the search engine uses the keywords that you type in to figure out what you are searching.

The search engine will sort through all of its stored information, which could be billions of pages of content, and return what it believes is what you are searching for. These results will be ranked by the most relevant to the least relevant.Now your results will depend on the keywords or keyphrases you used to perform the search.

Heres where it becomes interesting. What you, I and the search engine think are relevant keywords to a specific topic may be very different ideas. For example, someone who quilts could be looking for quilting supplies. This person types quilt into the search engine and receives results totaling more than 15 million. The first result is a website that has used quilts for sale. Not what the user had in mind when searching for quilt supplies. This is where Keyword tools become very helpful and interesting.

Using a keyword tool could assist both, the person searching for something and the web or web content designer develop content. How, by using actual hard data to bridge the gap between what people are actually searching for everyday and what we think or guess people are searching for.

Keyword tools come in many shapes and sizes. Some are web based others are desktop applications. The cost also vary. So are free, some require one time charges and others are subscription based.Please note that using keyword tools will likely yield different results based on the specific tools and techniques that are used. These tools and techniques are beyond the scope of this article, however if you are seeking more of this type of information, visit the website listed at the end of this article. Now, on the surface having this ability via keyword tools may not seem like much but beneath the surface and with the right know how, it is true power.

Using keyword tools one would perform research on what they want to search for and have the keyword tool return results prior to using a search engine. Why not just search with the search engine one time and not this keyword tool thing? One reason is that the keyword tools results will be based on the most commonly searched keywords and key phrases. Some keyword tools will tell you how many times each of these were searched and also provide other variations of the keyword or keyphrase.

The content designer would reap the same rewards by using keyword tools. They would know what people are searching for and in what variations and key phrases they are using. This would prove to be priceless when designing web content and would allow the designer to optimize web content the matches exactly what people are searching for. The perfect marriage.

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