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  What is the use of Google Adwords for Effective Online Marketing

This article will teach you how to run an effective Google AdWords campaign, which will bring your website increased revenues. There are key issues to remember when starting your campaign. While anyone can run an Adwords campaign, most webmasters become easily frustrated as keywords are paused, CTR is too low, and conversions are non existent. But I'm here to keep you from these unpleasant situations.

Selecting Keywords First we need to select the right keywords and keyword terms that you will want to bid on. Selecting keywords is the most important part of any Adwords campaign, as well as other internet marketing campaigns. This is what will bring people to your site who are searching for what you sell. There are some internet gurus who will tell you to grab thousands and thousands of keywords. They believe in quantity over quality, but that method will only part people with their hard earned money. These programs teach you failure.

You want to start with a broad match of keyword terms. For an example, we will start with chocolate candy bars and use targeted terms like candy bar, candy bars, chocolate candy, and chocolate candy bars. Now we want to narrow the terms to even more targeted keyword phrases, so we will look at specific of this business: the different candy bar brands our online store carries and what people will likely use as a search query. This leads us to terms like Hershey's candy bar, Nestles chocolate bar, Hershey's chocolate candy, etc.

Finally we want to really narrow things down to improve Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion To Sales/Leads (CTS / CTL). We do this by being even more specific in our selection of keyword terms. Let's try using Hershey's Mr Goodbar, Hershey's special dark, Hershey's kiss, Reese's cup, Reese's pieces, and Nestles crunch. By using the exact phrase the user is looking for, you will often present a very targeted ad for them to follow to your site and make a purchase.

When doing keyword research, there are several free sources you can use to do your research. Since this is not a keyword tutorial, you may want to refer to these other sources for help in this regard. On SEO Chat, there is an entire section of articles devoted to picking and refining keywords, as well as a keyword optimizer tool.

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