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How to Find an SEO Expert



When looking for an SEO company its important to do your research carefully, its very easy to claim to be an SEO expert but not everyone has the skills, experience and ability to work on your website. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision, but hopefully the tips below will help you decide.

Read independent reviews

Reading numerous independent reviews significantly lowers the bias and provides more honest information about SEO companies. If you know how to look for reliable and independent reviews, you can get a lot of information from them. By just browsing through, you can extract enough experience-based results like consistency of support, waiting period, increase in ranking, and other related statistics - data which you cannot get from the official sites of these SEO companies. Because of reviews, you can also take a look at how clients of these supposedly-expert SEO companies respond to the kind of service that they got from specific SEO tactics.

Why not trust the reviews from their official websites, instead? While it is true that the official sites of most SEO companies also highlight testimonials and some short reviews from clients, these so-called reviews are in no way exempted from bias. Remember, many SEO companies that declare themselves SEO experts provide many good claims. Showcasing favorable reviews is one of the many strategies to back up these claims.

Consult familiar faces

The most reliable source of information is someone whose credibility you will least likely question - perhaps a friend, an expert or just anybody familiar that has availed of services from SEO companies. These people will have firsthand information about SEO companies and the kind of services that they offer. By listening to what they have to say, you can start building your list of SEO experts or start crossing out names that should not be there on the list.

Look at directories

Technically, there should be a list of SEO companies that operate per area. By using these directories, you can narrow down the search for candidate SEO companies or check out pertinent information regarding each one. Profiles in directories sometimes include a brief background of the company as well as some of the services they offer. It's not such a big help, but it gives you a place to start. What you do next is up to you.

Direct consultation with companies

The most direct approach is to talk to the SEO company representatives. Personally get to know the companies and the ways by which these SEO experts can help you. From there, you can decide which one suits you best.

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