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Web Design and SEO

  • Web Design and SEO tip number one Title's
  • Of course you already know how important the page title is. That's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about the titles throughout the page body. Simply putting keyword rich titles into all of your elements (ul's, ol's, a's, div's, and tables) will give your website better SEO. When I'm designing websites I'm always looking for ways to bury keywords into HTML element titles. The search engines will reward you for doing so.
  • Web Design and SEO tip number two ALT's
  • For all of your images make sure you give alt names that are applicable, but also keyword rich. Search engines will love you for it and you'll love them too once you see your site climbing in rank. With web building you always have to find new places to put your keywords.
  • Web Design and SEO tip number three the H1 tag
  • The H1 tag is the main heading of your web page. Just as it appears big and bold to the viewer, it is also very important to the search engines. Make sure you place your main keywords in the H1 tag and also make sure you use the H1 tag only one time per page. The search engines will definitely take notice.
  • Web Design and SEO tip number four H2-H6 tags
  • So you can only use H1 once, well that's not to say you can't use H2 through H6. Use these headings as many times as you would like throughout your document. Remember to put your most important keywords into the heading tags. This will make a huge difference in the way you get ranked by search engines. Web design is sometimes more about SEO than it is about design.
  • Web Design and SEO tip number five "narrow it down"
  • You're likely to never rank for keywords like "guitar music" or "car mechanics" so what do you do? Simple, quit trying to compete for impossible keywords. Narrow it down "Berrien county rock band" or "Southwest Michigan car repair" are much more realistic keywords. Remember, you can't compete with millions of sites, but you can compete with ten or twenty. Narrowing it down by location is a great way to squeeze out some of the competition. There's obviously going to be less competition in an area the size of a county than in an area the size of the country(or world for that matter). Use these tips and I know you'll begin to get better results with search engines.
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